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Welcome to Harrison County Child Development Center

The Harrison County Child Development Center holds the mark of a quality educational program which includes a broadly based series of opportunities for children who require individualized learning materials and specially trained teachers.

Students who meet the criteria for this center are provided with a program of educational opportunities and social development to help him/her reach their highest potential. Students are accepted ages 6 weeks to 21 years.

Each class is directed by a state certified Special Education Teacher and a teacher's aide. This provides a teacher/student ratio of 1-5.

Special services offered to the students of the Harrison County Child Development Center include: parent counseling, psychological evaluation, speech/language therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and audio logical evaluations. Special education classrooms are designed to meet individual student's developmental needs and long range post-school goals.

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Transportation Changes

Due to the number of transportation changes, I would like you to be aware of our new procedure. If you need to change your child's mode of transportation, such as changing from a bus rider to a car rider, you MUST notify the office. If the change is permanent or just for the day, the front office must have the information which will be passed along to the teacher and the bus staff. We want to avoid any misinformation. 

We appreciate your cooperation regarding this matter.